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Space Park - Bowmer & Kirkland

Bowmer and Kirkland Construction LTD who are one of the UK’s leading construction companies were contracted to build at the Leicester Space Park. The site while in a busy area was within an area of deprivation and could be a potential risk to site security. D&D Security (Midlands) LTD’s main challenge was to offer an effective and efficient security solution with a clear focus upon value for money.

At the very outset of the project D&D Security installed its RSI (Rapid Installation system) comprising of a 10-camera system. The system itself is totally self sufficient and requires no power or internet and more to the point no preparation from the client. The technology was also supported by rapid response Security Personnel.

As the site progressed the system was increased to 19 cameras to give the whole perimeter excellent coverage. In addition to the RSI camera system the site Management team wanted a more effective way of having visibility on the site when they were not able to be on site. D&D Security supplied and installed 3 Remote activated PTZ 4K cameras which can be logged into, viewed and also controlled by our security team and Bowmer & Kirkland Management team via a mobile app on their phones, which has become a valuable tool to all concerned.

Bowmer & Kirkland throughout the whole of the Space Park project have had the peace of mind that the site is fully covered with motion detection cameras and should an activation occur a trained Security Guard will attend site. They also know should an extreme act of vandalism or theft happen that the monitoring station can dispatch the emergency services to support our team.

Through the professionalism and Integrity of D&D Security and using the latest in technology and innovation this site has been incident free and secure throughout.

James - Bowmer Kirkland

The Space Park project is located in an area with high crime levels. Therefore, we appointed D&D Security to install and monitor CCTV security systems to our site.

D&D Security Limited have installed the system as instructed and all their operatives who have attended site have been professional and helpful. The communication between our site team and D&D Security has been faultless and they have been available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning we have not had a single issue to date.

The system installed was advised to us by Mark at D&D Security Limited when we provided him with a brief of our requirements and it has been the perfect solution for our site.

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