Wireless CCTV - No power or broadband needed!


Protect your construction sites with wire free, 4G CCTV

Construction site CCTV. our wire free, battery operated CCTV. Our (R.S.I) Rapid installation Systems, can be deployed and installed within the hour. Our versitle cameras can be easily located anywhere from mounting on scaffold to direct placement on buildings.

  • No Power or Broadband needed!
  • Can easily be moved as site progresses
  • Cost-Effective solution to security guards

Wireless CCTV

Perfect for construction sites & Vacant properties

  • Rapid installation (Within the hour)
  • Perfect for every changing building sites
  • Loud Sirens remoteley activated
  • Outdoor cameras can be relocated with ease
  • Works off a Sim card
  • Battery operated - no power needed
RSI Videofied Cameras in Action

RSI Battery Operated Cameras

Whilst not the greatest quality of footage these cameras do exactly what they say! Detect intrusions and notifies our 24/7 monitoring station


Train to get your license... Courses available through out the UK

Door Supervisors, Security Guards and CCTV operatives required. We are looking for trained door supervisors to join our team